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DNAfit were recently awarded the Best Technology award at the Sports Technology Awards 2017!

The Sports Technology Awards 2017 saw global entries from more than 30 countries, spanning in excess of 70 different sports.
DNAFit was successful in the “Best Technology” category which highlights the potential our test has both for professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts.
The award comes on the back of a stellar year of growth for DNAFit and shows how we are constantly committed to innovating and moving forward, which benefits our industry as a whole

We are all different and this is mainly due to our genes. There are the differences that we all see like eyes and hair colour, but then there are the differences inside – how we metabolise nutrients for example and the way we deal with toxins – we all interact with the environment in our own unique way.
Exercise and eat according to your personal genetics with a Taylored training and diet plan based on your DNA profile for maximum results. You can’t change your genes, but it helps if you know more about your genetic make up when it comes to losing weight, getting fitter and overall improvement in health.

DNAfit Diet

If you have spent months or even years trying to lose weight with little success don’t give up just yet! The key to the answer lies in your genes. With this new scientifically proven approach to weight loss you will discover once and for all if you are:

  • genetically sensitive to carbohydrates
  • genetically intolerant to lactose or gluten
  • genetically sensitive to salt, caffeine, or alcohol
  • know what micro-nutrients you need
  • your detox ability

No more trial and error or guesswork needed. After placing your order today, you will receive a simple swab test kit. Once you have completed the swab test in the comfort of your own home, just post it back and within in a few weeks you’ll have your results and the key to a new, improved you.

DNAfit Fitness

Have you spent years on the treadmill, in the weights area or at group classes and you are unable to reach your goals? Discover why with a simple swab test. Don’t waste time working out in ways that you were not genetically designed to do. You can now discover the type of fitness that is most suited to you with this new scientifically proven genetic fitness profile. Find out if you are:

  • Genetically built for endurance workouts
  • Genetically built for power workouts
  • What your genetic ability for recovery is
  • What speed and pace your workouts should be

Once you have placed your order, you will receive a simple to use swab test for you to complete at home. When you have posted it to the UK (envelope supplied), you will receive a full profile complete with analysis. Place your order now and let your genes do the workout for you.
For more information about DNAfit and the science behind the test visit their website DNAfit
Click on the links below to view MY DNA results, I have changed my diet slightly and the way I train and feel fantastic. DNAfit can do the same for you!
DNADiet Report

DNAfit report

To order your test kit call or email me today! 1800PT4YOU or 0427395669 Or order now

DNAfit Product
Diet Premium
Carbohydrate & fat sensitivity, lactose & gluten intolerance risk, shopping list, 12 week eating plan + recipes
Diet Professional
As for Premium + your detox ability, anti-oxidant, vitamin and micronutrient needs, salt, caffeine and alcohol sensitivity
Fitness Lite
Power & endurance potential, recovery speed, injury risk profile + recovery nutrition needs
Fitness Premium
As for Lite + VO2 max potential, full genotype report breakdown, benchmark against an Olympian
Fitness & Diet Pro
"Diet Professional & Fitness Premium All the information both for your diet and fitness. The most comprehensive set of results!


Results may vary from person to person.
Disclaimer: All information is kept secure and will not be shared or sold to any third party.