Are you time poor and can’t find 90 minutes to spare? Then this is the package for you!

During the session we will review your current diet and typical routine using assessment forms I will provide. We’ll discuss the areas you struggle with and work together to set some realistic, achievable short-term goals. In addition, I’ll provide you with one week of sample meals based on the calorie goal I calculate for you, including snack ideas, recipes and templates for meal planning & grocery shopping.

The consult will be followed up with a summary email that summarises what we talked about, states your goals and answers any questions that may have come up during the session that required more research.

All this in 20 minutes! (Forms will be sent, completed and returned prior to the initial session).

Follow up sessions include discussions on your progress since the initial consult and resolve anything you’ve been having problems with or have concerns about. If you’d like, we can reassess your goals and adjust them as needed or set new ones and another 7 day meal plan. The follow up consultations will take 15-20 minutes.